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Disclaimer about nutrition info:

Grandmother’s Kitchen provides nutrition facts for the recipes we share from our own and other kitchens.  Grandmothers’ Kitchen uses the USDA nutritional information database which classifies thousands of food and their nutritional analysis.  We use this extensive data to calculate nutrition totals of recipes from around the web.  Nutrition calculations are based on a per serving basis and include all the ingredients in the original recipe.  For some recipes, the chef has not provided the serving size, so in this case we use a standard serving portion for that type of recipe (ie. a 9 x 12 inch cake pan generally serves 16 pieces). The ingredients in a recipe will vary from the original recipe to those being used in your kitchen.  Nutritional info will vary from brand to brand, and from product to product.  A home grown tomato may have a different micronutrient make up as a mass farmed tomato.  This is not something that our nutritional analyses can tell you. Always consult a registered dietician or your physician before embarking on any diet plan which relies on these numbers and for any other questions.