Tip On How To Clean Your Ceiling Fans In Seconds

Tip On How To Clean Your Ceiling Fans In Seconds

ceiling fan dusty
Dusty ceiling fan.

Once in awhile you come across a tip that you just feel you have to share. Here is a very simple method to clean your ceiling fans. This is one that I read about on the internet and I could not wait to try it! Keeping the home free of dust is a never ending job and any tips that can make it easier are good to know about. Cleaning your ceiling fans is as easy as can be with this method.

Simply get a pillow case and doing one fan blade at a time, gently pull the pillowcase around the fan blade and pull the dust off and into the pillow case. Yes! you can catch those nasty dust-bunnies directly into the pillow case then, move onto the next fan blade. This process only takes a matter of moments and you can go room to room if you have more than one ceiling fan and get the job done quickly. How much better is this than the dust falling off onto whatever is below!

Ceiling fans are meant to not only be functional; they are meant to add beauty to a room. When your new fan gets installed, you notice it for awhile as it is a new part of the room, and you admire it spinning and lighting up the room. Ceiling fans are one of those things you don’t tend to look closely at but one day you look up and there it is – that very ugly build up of dust. Once you spot the dust, you likely will make a mental note to get yourself up there and clean it but it is common to just put it off as it seems like a messy sort of task. The worst ceiling fans to look at are in the bedrooms because when you lay down at night to go to sleep you cannot help but see the dust there. This is not only bad for anyone with dust allergies, it is also not very nice to look at.

Once you have completed the dusting, just take that pillow case and toss it into the laundry. Pass this super cleaning tip along to your friends. They will appreciate as well just how easy this is to do.

pilliow case over ceiling fan blade
The special cleaning device is a pillow case.
pull dust into pillow case
Gently pull the dust into the pillow case. When you are done cleaning, just wash the pillow case. Helps to keep dust from falling below.
Dusted ceiling fan blades in just seconds.


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