Food and Wine Tasting in Positano on The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Food and Wine Tasting in Positano on The Amalfi Coast, Italy

The resort town of Positano is situated on a picturesque stretch of the coast just south of Napoli. The roads are narrow as you drive in and then turn into a one way circle down in the town itself, which makes it a bit safer for walking as you know where the cars are coming from. There are pay parking lots that you can reserve a spot in which seem fairly easy to find in the fall, but likely should be booked early if you go in the peak summer season.  Many of the places to stay are ‘street level’, meaning you will be dropped off on the street but could be looking at walking up 100 stairs to get to your accommodation. This is good to keep in mind when booking a place as you will have to carry your luggage up the stairs to your facility.


Positano is easiest is to navigate on foot, but prepare for lots of up and down hill walking on the roads or the stairways that lead you down to the shopping and food areas and the beach. There is a bus as well that runs. As it was already late in October, we were fortunate to get sun on the first couple of days and take in this colorful area.


The beach is not particularly large and in the peak season would no doubt be crowded with people. One meal we had was at the “Buca di Bacco” Restaurant situated right on the beachfront offering an unobstructed view of the Sea. We like to taste the wines and oils in the regions as much as possible so ordered a simple 3 dish meal pared with wine tastes for each course.

IMG_3278 IMG_3283

Chez Black is another restaurant on the beach that has a long history and offered very good service and food. Be prepared that eating out can be pricey. As we are small eaters we always shared our meals and the portions were large enough to satisfy us both.

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Window shopping is a always fun. Prices are higher here, no doubt because of their location and being so popular as a tourist resort but there are many beautiful things to tempt you.

This area although was very very beautiful, it was not our favorite. After just having spent time in Tuscany with the wide open spaces and ease of getting around to visit the many walled cities, with so many things to see and do, Positano felt more limited.  However, if you have not noticed by the gum boots and rain coats, we also got rain all 4 days we were here, which will change your memories of a place while travelling.  This is why it is good to take the opinions of a place from others with a grain or two of salt. Happy travelling!


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