Olive Oil from the Ligure Region of Italy

Olive Oil from the Ligure Region of Italy

Our foodie adventures have us presently located in the Ligure region of Italy. We hiked a portion of the Cinque Terra from Monterosso to Vernazza.


It was spectacular and on the hike we saw olive trees growing on the terraces we passed. We also saw that there were nets strung out under the olive trees. Of course we became curious to learn more about olives and here are a couple links from ‘A Wood of Olive Trees’  about the Ligure region we are in you may also find interesting and also this one from Dellalo on the actual harvest process of olives here in Italy.

This photo was taken on a walk to Portofino. The olive trees grow wild and abundant throughout this region.


You can see the yellow nets up on the hillside above the town of Portofino. It is tempting to reach up and take a bag home to cultivate, but just as easy to buy them cheap from the local delis.IMG_2798

Bins of freshly picked olives in the Monterroso shops:


One of our favorites is ‘Olio Extravergine Di Oliva’ here in the Santa Margherita area.

olive oil from LigureWe were told by a local shop owner that the reason the olive oil is so good comes from the fact that the olives are very tiny and good quality. It of course takes more olives to produce the olive oil, and this explains why the cost of certain olive oils are higher in price than others. Inexpensive olive oils are apparently produced from big olives that they get higher extraction more easily.

The health benefits of olive oil and olives are high. We have found a website that has 101 benefits of olive oil. Some you may know but others may be new to you.

One of the common snacks you are served when you go out to a restaurant is a dish of olives and after a long hike a nice cool beverage and snack are always welcome!
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