Danish desserts to make you drool!

Danish desserts to make you drool!

So if are are wondering what kind of desserts you will be treated with in Denmark – here are just a few of the delicious treats that we indulged in while travelling the Nordic lands.

Danishes – …every morning… someone from the house would run out to buy some fresh pastries from the local baker or the grocery store.


Apple Trifle (another homemade treat from our cousin Kristine)


Rødgrød med fløde   – in other words … Cream and berries …. This dessert is a classic, simple to make (just pour it into a bowl), and then watch the hilarity ensue as we foreigners try to pronounce it.


Layered cream cakes – it is typical to buy the cakes pre made and then add your own cream, custard or berry layers in between.


Puff pastries with whipping cream and jam:


Whipped cream cake with crunchy sugar topping :


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