Street Food at Copenhagen’s Paper Island

Street Food at Copenhagen’s Paper Island

It was blue skies on the day we visited Papirøen. The street food you will find here include not only Danish, but Italian, Mexican and Korean and more. Other food trucks offer beers, coffee and drinks. Some of the foods are organic, but not all. The main thing is the foods used are from local produce and are made from scratch.  “Genuine, honest and aesthetic” are what you are going to find here in the food stalls.You can get a meal for around $10 and up.

This is a must see for foodie lovers when in Copenhagen.  Papirøen  translates to “Paper Island” in English. There are about 35 food stalls, which are a creatively built.  Many are constructed from metal shipping containers, others from wood. It is colorful and filled with friendly vendors. This food venue was a highlight for us. We were lucky enough to have Søern, who is one of our Danish relatives give us the grand tour and treat us to lunch.

For lunch although there was so much to choose from, we were attracted to an Italian food stalled called Il Mattarello. They offer honest and authentic Italian flavor. Valerio Serino and Lucia de Luca are from Italy and they make handmade traditional fresh pasta in many variations. They also prepare and serve delicious Italian sweets. Il Mattarello has the silver Ø-mark for being 60-90 percent organic. We enjoyed 3 different sauces on 3 pasta dishes, 2 tomato based and one cream based with a local made cheese.

We only had one opportunity to eat here, but if we had longer we would certainly have tried more of the tasty looking foods offered.

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