Pastries and Coffee at the Sofa 1 in Gilleleje, Denmark

Pastries and Coffee at the Sofa 1 in Gilleleje, Denmark

What can be more European than having coffee and pastry at an outdoor cafe! The Sofa.1 Restaurant in Gilleleje had a great assortment of goodies for us to choose from and we very much enjoyed the warm Cinnamon Snail with Icing and also the Kransekage which is made from marzipan, and is created from ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites (so it’s gluten free). The Kransekage is a traditional New Years cake.  With 4 forks and only 2 pastries you can well imagine how quickly they disappeared off the plates.

The Sofa.1 along with many other outdoor cafes provide nice little lap sized blankets set out on all the chairs so you can still enjoy sitting outside on those chilly days.

Bicycles are everywhere and there are all shapes and sizes. We thought the one we are showing here with the space for the dog was pretty unique.

Gilleleje, was the perfect place for outdoor walks and we saw many homes that were very old. Some of the places still have thatched roofs. The people are so friendly and the Danish speak English very well as they are taught it in school from a young age. This makes it very easy for travelling and you can have real conversations as the people are very kind and conversed with us in English.  We are very much loving and appreciating the hospitality of the Danish people.





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