Danish Pork Sausage – MedisterpØlse

Danish Pork Sausage – MedisterpØlse

Some of the traditional foods in Denmark are medisterpØlse, baby boiled potatoes and red cabbage. We were lucky enough to have our very own Grandma Lily prepare this meal for us.

The way she prepared the medisterpØlse (pork sausage) was to first boil for it about  5-10 minutes then she cut it into pieces and fried the pieces in a skillet in a touch of olive oil on the stovetop. You could also use a bit of butter which would also enhance the flavor. The sausage was turned as needed until it was nice and brown.

We are finding beautiful fresh local grown baby potatoes in all the grocery stores.  To prepare them, we washed the potatoes then boiled until just tender.  You don’t want to over cook them as you do not want them to be mushy. We also cooked a head of cauliflower. We just steamed it whole for about 7-10 minutes. It depends of course on the size of the cauliflower. Over this we drizzled a little melted butter.

Red cabbage is commonly served with meals. If you are travelling like us and don’t want to prepare from scratch, excellent red cabbage can be purchased in jars. The brand we used was ‘Beauuvais’. Grandma Lily told us that this is a food that is served year round, generally with meat dishes. To prepare, you simply open the jar and heat it on the stove top.

We must admit that we are indulging (or should I say over-indulging) and enjoying the Danish pastries while here. We purchase them at the local bakeries. We are selecting the ones that are made with the best butters and ingredients! Our favorite pastry is called ‘Dagmartærte’.  This is a butter pastry that has a marzipan/custard type of filling and a dollop of chocolate or creamy icing sugar. It is a good thing that we go for long walks everyday to wear off all those extra calories, but when in Denmark we are more than justifying this indulgence!

Being able to discover the foods and places in Denmark with Grandma Lily and Grandpa Bent is really allowing us the opportunity to learn about the foods and cultures in this area. There is nothing quite like seeing a country through the eyes of people that were born here and know the culture. Lucky us!!!


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