Lunch In Copenhagen, Denmark

Lunch In Copenhagen, Denmark

For our first (but not last) trip to Copenhagen, we started our wandering with a lunch of meatballs, ‘Stjerneskud’ (a typical dish made of fish cooked several different ways), and the ‘Hens Salad’ (which was a thick fluffy bread topped with a chicken potato salad). The Paludan Cafe is a high traffic cafe/restaurant jam packed with university students, laptops and flowing beer.  Located across the street from the university Library and near the center of several tourist actions makes it a perfect location for people watching, checking our online business and fueling up with a pint of cold Carlsberg before exploring the city.

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The picture below is rather special, as the ‘Politiken’ was my Grandfather’s 3rd job at the age of 21.


..and how could we resist a picture of LEGO Grandma with REAL Grandma!   See any resemblance?



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