Danish Smørrebrød

Danish Smørrebrød

We were greeted by our lovely uncle John after 24 hours of travel time to the classic Danish smørrebrød (open face sandwiches) lunch, beer and Schnapps.  There is nothing quite like the warming lull of a fine schnapps to clear (and then later enhance) one’s jetlag.

The Smørrebrød (originally smør og brød, meaning “butter and bread”) can be served with a large variety of different toppings. The classic bread is a dark rye bread and many of them (to our delight) are jam packed with nuts and seeds making them so delicious. We are told that at the Danish grocery stores it is easy to buy a bag of bread mix that you can whip up in your kitchen.  We will test this theory in the coming weeks and post the recipe and results here.

Back to our sandwiches, in our case topped with:

  • pickled herring (The herring is normally marinated either in a clear sweet, peppery vinegar sauce (white herring), or in a red seasoned vinegar (red herring). It may also come in a variety of sour cream-based sauces, including a curry sauce which is very popular.)
  • cheeses of all kinds
  • liver pate (a Danish specialty that you will find a mtost lunches and dinners)
  • horseradish spread
  • boiled eggs
  • tomatoes
  • gelatinized meat spread
  • flæskesteg (roast pork with crackling)

1D 4D

3D 2D

..and like they say in Denmark…Skål! (cheers!)

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