Salmon Salad Brunch

Salmon Salad Brunch

Commonly found in Denmark is smoked salmon. Danish smoked salmon are all geographical references to cold-smoked Atlantic salmon. Expect eating out to be a little expensive. We shared this one dish, which was more than enough for two of us and it cost us $45.00 for the salmon salad, which was split onto two plates and included a small Danish draft beer for each of us. The Holm restaurant, was very beautiful inside and the tables all had white linen tablecloths offering the ambiance of a an older fine dining establishment. We appreciated the antique furnishings and great service.

One of our favorite ‘at home’ lunches was smoked salmon with cream cheese spread onto a dark rye bread, a few slices of sweet onion and a little sprinking of fresh watercress pieces which you can purchase here already sprouted. Delicious!



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